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Top Foods from Japan

Considered as the Land of the Rising Sun, this island nation brings the healthiest foods in the world. Japanese’ love for food is reflected in the jam packed restaurants that are seen in every corner of the place. As compared to the Western culture, Japan delights itself with less cholesterol foods and high-salt diets.

With the great number of Japanese dishes that will surely touch your senses, wrapping the list to only eight is extremely nerve-wracking.Japanese_food

Sushi and Sashimi. The two dishes are oftentimes thought to be the same but the former is vinegared rice that has a sweet, distinctive taste. The latter on the other hand comes without the sushi rice. Both consist of thin slices of raw fishes or other seafood carefully served with wasabi (very spicy Japanese horseradish) and shoyu.

Okonomiyaki. A mixture between pizza and pancake, this dish contains various ingredients such as seafood, vegetables and meat that can be mixed with the dough as a topping. A popular pan-fried food, this dish consists of batter and cabbage. With special Japanese sauce, mayonnaise, nori and dried fish flakes on top, this food will make you crave for more.

Sukiyaki. A quintessential Japanese hot pot cuisine, this dish is made entirely of slices of beef gradually cooked alongside of vegetables and other ingredients in an iron pot. Simmered in a soy sauce soup, the food is usually dipped in a bowl of raw, unbeaten egg before being eaten. What makes this dish extra special is the place where it is cooked – at the table.

Ramen. One of the many popular dishes in Japan, this Chinese style noodle is prepared as a soup with various toppings.  Easy to prepare and delightfully inexpensive, this dish is served in a meat flavored with soy sauce or miso. Topping the food with pork, seaweeds, kamaboko, green onions and corn will fill you up with a taste you will never forget.

Donburi. Donburi meals are served in a bowl of cooked rice with some other ingredients on top of it. There exist a variety of donburi dishes depending on the toppings such as Tekka Donburi (raw tuna fish) and Gyudon (Beef Donburi).

Oden. This is a Japanese winter dish consisting of boiled eggs, radish, konnyaki, and processed fish cakes. Stewed in dashi broth, this nabe is cooked for many hours. This food can be seen in many Japanese street stalls and stores and can be cooked in a big pot at the table. Lately, a new type of oden, “sweets oden”, has attracted attention to the Japanese and the visitors as well.

Hayashi Raisu. This is a Western-type dish that is very popular in Japan. Loved by many children, this dish is deliciously flavorful. It usually contains beef, onions and button mushrooms in a thick demi-glace sauce often a mixture of red wine and tomato sauce. Typically, the cuisines is served atop or alongside rice. The comfort this dish brings to its eaters is truly one of a kind and exceptional!