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Top Souvenirs from England

Don’t ruin your fine trip across the pond with worries about which souvenirs you should bring home. Keep this trusty guide handy to ensure that you arrive home with a full contingent of England’s best items and no tacky t-shirts or boring mugs.
Tea – The English claim their tea is the best in the world and ex-pats often send home specifically for their favourite brand. Pick up a tin of English Breakfast tea, English Afternoon Tea or Earl Grey for your dear old mum or for the Brit in your life. Or keep it to impress tea-lovers with a taste of real tea when they come round.


Chocolate – You may have heard that British chocolate is far superior to chocolate in North America. The Brits will definitely tell you so, but it seems that tourists agree too! Pick up a few bars of famous Cadbury chocolate – made with more milk and less wax than the American versions. Try something different, like a Starbar or a Flyte for your kids or your favourite niece.
Clotted Cream Fudge – A popular confection in Britain, clotted cream takes the place of cream and butter in this unique fudge recipe. It makes an interesting gift for foodies and fudge lovers, since clotted cream is not common in other parts of the world. While it can be fun to taste and compare to other fudge types, be aware that clotted cream is not fully pasteurized and may be considered by some to be an unsafe dairy product.

Queen Elizabeth Paraphernalia – People love the Queen and that love is in evidence everywhere from fine Wedgwood plates to needlework pillows (speaking of Wedgwood, be sure to get some for mum). For the Royalty-lover in your life, pick up the Jubilee Bouquet eau de toilette, designed especially for the 2012 Jubilee, or a nice silk scarf with some corgis on.
Football Memorabilia – The English love soccer and they LOVE reminding Americans that they call it FOOTBALL. For the sports fan in your life, pick up a team jersey (there are also plenty of fervently-worshipped rugby and cricket teams to choose from as well). Even if your little brother or favourite uncle doesn’t know the team, they can snootily declare to their friends that they have a favourite English Football team.

As always when travelling, keep in mind the weight restrictions on your luggage. Excess baggage fees are exorbitant, so spread that weight out by using your carry-on.