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Top Tourist Attractions in California

With numerous man-made attractions, natural playgrounds and dramatic landscapes that are all world-famous, it’s no surprise that California attracts legion visitors from everywhere the world. Only during this state will one expertise the likes of gorgeous coastal drives, a forest of the world’s tallest trees, a lake that gives year-round fun, wizard theme parks and shows major killer whales. To learn more about what to see and do in the Golden State, check out the following top tourist attractions in California.


Redwood National Park

The Redwood parkland is way over tall trees. During this huge piece of ground of woodlands, rivers and miles of spectacular coastlines, visitors will get pleasure from a good vary of fun out of doors activities. There are many fascinating exhibits, target-hunting walks and nature programs on provide at the varied visitant centers. Activities embrace horse riding and mountain biking on well-maintained trails, fishing for salmon and rainbow trout and kayaking down the trickling rivers. Scenic routes through the forest enable the travellers to admire the superb redwood trees, life and waterfalls whereas a drive on the coastline offers breathless views of the ocean and glimpses of grey whales and seabirds.

SeaWorld San Diego

Situated in sunny San Diego, SeaWorld is characterised by its theme of marine mammals, daring rides and live shows. Through shows, displays and enclosures individuals will find out about the world’s oceans and also the creatures that inhabit them like dolphins, killer whales, walruses, penguins and Polar bears. Rides embody a flume roller coaster, rafting through the Shipwreck Rapids and a simulated chopper ride to expertise the Wild Arctic. the most attraction however is that the Shamu Show, that involves dancing fountains and talented performances by killer whales.

General Sherman

General Sherman may be a Giant Sequoia placed within the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in California. The trees of the big Forest are among the most important trees within the world. In fact, if measured by volume, 5 of the 10 largest trees on the earth are placed among this forest. With a height of 275 feet the overall Sherman tree is that the largest of all of them. The tree is believed to be between a 2,300 and 2,700 years recent.


Venice Beach

Venice Beach is one of Los Angeles, most popular beaches. The sandy three-mile beach here is just one of the attractions. During the summer season and on weekends, the Ocean Front Walk fills up with street performers and people just doing their thing: biking, rollerskating, swimming, sunbathing, and people watching. Muscle Beach is a special area where fanatic bodybuilders pump iron in a public show of strength.

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