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Uncover the Magic of Morocco

Travellers searching for adventure, exotic landscapes, and gratifying relaxation often make their way to Morocco. The country’s capital Rabat was recently named the second most sought after travel destination in 2013 by CNN and for good reason. Rabat like many other cities in Morocco present a pleasing mix of old world appeal and modern amenities that make holidays unforgettable. You can travel to Morocco through Gatwick and park at the airport if you’re driving, a few affiliate sites make the cost higher to book through the Gatwick airport parking site. Here are some popular items Moroccan visitors investigate before embarking on their journeys.

818964_Marrakech_MoroccoMoroccan Tourist Activities: Adventure Sport To Relaxing Spa

Rabat’s prestigious tourism award and the country’s romantic reputation in general entices many travellers to take their holidays there. Those drawn to adventure explore the mysterious Moroccan deserts on camels near the city of Marrakech. These excursions satisfy one’s curiosity about the ruggedly beautiful desert while remaining in the safe, capable hands of an experienced guide. Overnight camping is also available to visitors who want to experience an exhilarating, starlit desert night complete with a cosy group camp fire. The fun doesn’t stop along the desert dunes because the country exhibits a diverse topography that includes mountains, coastlines, and fertile valleys. The most notable mountain range begging to be conquered by mountaineers is the Atlas Mountain range, and local outfitters sponsor trekking trips to suit all skill levels. Additionally, Morocco is blessed with long stretches of gorgeous coastlines along the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Beaches on the Atlantic side include El Jadida Beach near the famed city of Casablanca and Agadir Beach which is known for its water sport opportunities. Mediterranean beaches are considerably warmer than the Atlantic ones, and their calm, turquoise waters beckon to scuba divers and snorkellers.

While the tourism industry in Morocco famously caters to the outdoor enthusiast, those visitors who love indoor luxuries find solace at one of the country’s many hammams or Moorish baths. The Moroccans take wellness very seriously, and they begin with a smorgasbord of holistic pampering. Moroccan spas feature techniques rooted in ancient traditions, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and natural and time-tested products. These relaxation havens are found in most of Morocco’s major cities, and they are often set amidst amazing backdrops ranging from picturesque mountains, beautiful deserts, pristine coasts, and even medieval ruins. Spa trips always include deliciously healthy meals made from locally sourced ingredients. Many western tourists discover Morocco’s age-old beauty secrets while on holiday there.

Comfortable Wardrobe Choices

The best season for visiting Morocco depends entirely on one’s holiday activity plans. For example, visitors who want to trek through the desert or see the medinas in inland cities consider tours in early spring and autumn ideal. During these times, the Mediterranean beaches are warm enough to accommodate sporting activities as well. Those visiting during these seasons should pack for changeable weather; these are times when beautiful, balmy days precede chillier nights.

Morocco hosts many cultural festivals that coincide with its busy summer tourist season. Summer usually brings European tourists and locals together at the popular Atlantic beaches. Weather along the coastlines are temperate to comfortably warm during the summer, and the common attire is made from cool, organic materials like cotton.

Although many of Morocco’s cities are notably cosmopolitan, the local population’s attitude toward dress remain rooted in their religious traditions. Modest dress is the order of the day for men and women sightseeing in Morocco’s city centres. Men wear long, loose-fitting pants, and short-sleeved shirts do not look out of place in the summer months. Women normally wear long, loose fitting pants or flowing skirts that reach a few inches below the knee. While short-sleeved shirts are not uncommon amongst women in Morocco, it is the unspoken rule that women cover décolletage and shoulders.