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Varied Attractions of Haight Ashbury

Haight Ashbury is a storied district in San Francisco that was the centre of the 1960’s hippy movement. That past, as well a present existence a still hip section of the city, have helped develop a variety of different attractions that people whom come to the Haight are interested in seeing. Graced with beautiful parks, the homes of former rock stars, and the Victorian architecture – some of the best in San Fran – this part of the city still has much to see and do.

Victorians in the Haight Ashbury distict
The bones of the Haight Ashbury district are the beautiful brick, Victorian buildings that dot its streets. The Red Victorian, now a B & B is well worth checking out, use to be a renowned Hippy hang out and commune. Also see the Floyd Spreckel Mansion the home of sugar baron Claus Spreckels… it’s rumoured Jack London work and wrote for a time there.  To see more fantastic homes and building wander down Pape Street and poke around Alamo Square.

Museums and Tours –
The Randall Museum is a nature and children’s museum that has science exhibits and live animal interactions. These animals on exhibit cannot return to the wild because of injuries they have sustained.
The Flower Power Walking Tour describes itself as 60% hippy history and 40% history of the neighborhood. The guide who is named Izu hung out with musicians and luminaries of the hippy movement and gives an enjoyable firsthand account of what the life was like. This tour is available on Tuesday, Fridays and Saturdays.

Rock Stars homes
Naturally time spent in Haight Ashbury is bound to lead people back to the music in the districts hay day in the 60’s. Back then a variety of different rock bands lived right in the neighbor hood amongst their fans. People today still enjoy touring the old homes of rock legends of the past. A few of the best examples are.

Grateful Dead House – 710 Ashbury Street
The Dead made music and lived in the Haight. Legend has it that they lived communally with each other, people working with the band, and other varied Haight Asbury characters.

Jefferson Airplane House – 2400 Fulton
In the summer of love 1968 Jefferson Airplane had the “Airplane House” which was a thriving spot for people to come to chase the so called White Rabbit.

Janis Joplin – 122 Lyon Street
The late and great matriarch of 60’s music Janis Joplin also had an apartment in the Haight that is still toured today.