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What Makes a Bad Travel Companion


For some travellers, the only thing better than seeing the world is sharing it with someone else. Taking in the sights and sounds of some far off place is great on your own, but checking out an ancient site, lying on a beach, tossing back a few pints and sharing a laugh – all are better if you can do them with someone else.

Unfortunately, finding someone good to travel with can be hard.

Maybe it’s a clash in personalities, differing opinions on the destination or just a conflict between what each of you wants to get out of a trip, but travel horror stories can be born if you choose poorly in terms of your travel companions. It’s enough to make you ditch them and go solo!

Below is a brief list of some terrible qualities to be found in a bad travel companion. If someone is like this, you’re likely to be forgiven for ditching them in the night in order to save your sanity. Who knows – you might find a new companion, a better one, later!

No Concept of Time or Money

Some people just suck when it comes to finding their way, and that is to be forgiven… eventually… but being terrible with time and money when they’re with others, well that’s something else. Travelling is expensive and can take a lot of time to plan properly – if the person you’re with doesn’t care how much things cost (or is such a tightwad you can’t do anything) so it affects your enjoyment, you’d best not travel with them. Also, being constantly late for things like planes and trains can really drive a wedge between you.

Negative Attitude

We all have moments where we don’t say the nicest things, but hopefully you try and put a positive spin on things. Stuff goes wrong, of course, but if the person you’re with is so down that it’s starting to bum you out, maybe you need to move on. If their negativity manifests itself in racist attitudes or prejudices that aren’t cool with you, it could get you in a lot of trouble abroad.

Can’t Share Power

There are times on trips when you have to let someone else take charge or else nothing would ever get done. Maybe one person takes the lead and the other follows. This is not easy… at all. If you’ve agreed to a dynamic but your travel companion insists on making things difficult by undermining your judgment or flaking out when they take the lead, you need to figure out if this arrangement is really for the best.

Always Disappearing

Ever had a travel partner who just went off and did their own thing without telling you? It’s things like that which make for a poor travel partnership, as even though you don’t need to spend every second together, it’s helpful to at least know where the other person is for safety and… you know… because you are travelling together.