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What You Can Find in Jordan

People probably don’t particularly know a lot about Jordan. The name comes up and a person is going to think Michael Jordan, not the country. Even when people do think of traveling in Jordan the main thing that comes up again and again is Petra – the famous church carved out of the side of a mountain that was immortalized in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. With these limitations in mind this blog is going to breathe some fresh air upon Jordan and show some of the perks of traveling there. The hope is to show that this forgotten spot in the Middle East is actually a hidden traveler’s gem.


There are Eco lodges
Feynan Ecolodge is one of the top 50 such centres in the world. Fenyan fully generates its own needs by using solar panels to collect all the energy it needs fuel the centre. Of course at night candles are the favoured form of light. Everything that is used is recycled and composted and foods is baked and made in a nearby township. The lodge is on the edge of Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan’s largest protected natural area. Hundreds of planet and animal species, many endangered live here. The friendly staff at Fenyan can arrange all varieties of outdoor pursuit ranging from hiking, mountain biking, and cannoning.

Much of Middle Eastern and even Roman History is here…
Jordan is graced when many ancient remains and artifacts. One of the most noteworthy are three massive marble fingers believed to be the fingers of Hercules. In Old Amman, at a place called the Citadel are many, many more ruins. Inside this complex sits an archaeological museum that highlights some of the more historically note worthy pieces.  The pieces found in this site don’t just retrace the steps of Jordan, but of the ancient Middle East which was constantly changing hands through conquest.

There are Hot Spring Waterfalls
Natural hot springs have sprouted up all around Jordan. A collection of such have amassed near the canyons of Wadi Zarga. There are three such hot springs in this area as well as a five star hotel called Evason Ma’in. Three terraced pools collect the warm water from the springs that drips down from naturally forming waterfalls. Not commercialized even twenty years ago, these springs make for a lovely way to spend some relaxing time in Jordan.

Not only is there one Petra, but a second one too
Petra is one of Jordan’s most well known and revered tourist sites. However, people do not commonly know that there is a second smaller site down the road called Al Beidha, or little Petra. This fascinating accompaniment to Petra also is endowed with a variety of intriguing nuances such as switch back stairs, water channels, and rooms carved into the stone. The biggest difference between Petra and little Petra is the latters accessibility – it is a lot less touristy.