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Why did you Start Traveling?

The answer to that question of course is as varied as the personality types of those that travel – it stretches into the infinite. Perhaps you started, because you wanted to escape the current situation that you are in, or maybe just to challenge oneself. The important thing for a person who becomes a traveler is to take the first plunge and just do it. The first step is the hardest into the unknown. Below are a couple of reasons why people start to travel. Perhaps one of them connects to you, or someone you know….


– To See Beyond what you Know
Growing up in a place will fill one’s mind with a litany of preconceived notions about life and how things are. Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada I took for granted that surely everyone had cars and drove everywhere they needed to go. That was my experience and even though I read and watched a lot of films it seemed reasonable to me that a lot of other places in the world were the same. Some people start to travel as a means to step beyond themselves and see deeper into the world. Once you have seen reality is far more complex than you imagined it is exhilarating and in a way freeing from the bonds of cultural bias. A lot of people start to travel to experience freeing feeling.

– For fun and adventure
Simply put travel is fun! Going to new cities and cultures is a rush of mental endorphins as one acclimates themselves to what it is they don’t know. Meeting like minded people, getting to know them and party with them is as much fun as you can have. The promise of adventure is intoxicating for many people.

– To push yourself and to grow
Another reason people travel is to push them beyond what they are at home. Perhaps one feels encumbered in their life and is not living to the extent they feel they can. Leaving and traveling somewhere allows them to challenge themselves, to push themselves beyond the comforts and boundaries that they know. Hearing other people who have traveled talk about how much they grew and changed from the experience doesn’t always come on death ears. Some people hear that talk and want the same thing for themselves.