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Why You Should Travel by Train


For generations, the train was the only way to get long distances and see exotic lands. Derailments happened, sure, but by and large it was a pretty safe and reliable form of travel. Today, little has changed except it has gotten a lot faster and more comfortable and if you’re in a densely populated place like Europe, you can find a train to get everywhere you need to see the world.

Some people have never travelled by train because of the thought that it is more expensive than the discount airliners and takes too long, but these are points that can easily be countered if you know how to plan. Buy a rail pass, plot out your journey and see how traveling by train really is the only way to go.

Less of a Hassle

Traveling can be a pain in the butt, particularly if you have to cross over into different countries that you aren’t a citizen of. While train travel still has it’s own types of checkpoints, they are far less annoying than those in an airport. You don’t have to arrive as early for train departures, the stations themselves are often right in the middle of the city so you don’t need to take a cab or shuttle to get to them and it isn’t often that they are subjected to terrorist issues. These reasons alone make train travel the method of choice of experienced travellers.

Scenic Views

Aside from the take off and the landing, you don’t get to see a lot of the countryside beneath you when you are flying – on the train you see it all. Sure, some of it is blocked by mountains and towns, but trains quite often take you through parts of the country where roads are not and offer breath taking sites you would miss if you were travelling thousands of feet in the air.

Space to Move Around

Forget about getting a cramp or not being able to move around because of the seatbelt sign – train travel means you can pretty much move around as much as you want. Depending on your class of ticket or the type of train, you may be able to put your feet up and then move to a separate car for dining.

Can Double as Accommodation

Smart travellers know one of the best parts of train travel is getting a sleeping car and using it for a nights accommodation. You can board your train in one country, go to sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for your next adventure. Instead of wasting a day to travel by going through an airport for an hour flight, opt to take an 8 hour train ride and spring for a sleeping car – you’ll never travel any other way.