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World Wonders and Why They Are Awesome

Causing no end of controversy, selecting the new Seven Wonders of the World 2012 was highly anticipated by almost all the people in the world. The never-ending issues did not stop Bernard Weber, the founder-president of the New7Wonders, in officially announcing the best natural landscapes in the whole world. With the final tally votes clearly set forth, here is the list of nature’s finest and most astonishing sights and why they are the best.


Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil.  As the name implies, this “big water” is one of the world’s largest waterfalls. Iguazu is relatively split into 275 falls having the “Devil’s Throat” as the tallest at 82 meters high. The falls are on the border between the province of Misiones, Argentina and the Brazilian state of Parana. Beating the height of the famous Niagara Falls, the grandeur of Iguazu Falls is too hard to describe.  With a virgin jungle ecosystem carefully protected by two countries, the spectacular beauty and the sheer grandness of the tropical location is truly a wonder.

Amazon Rainforest. Described as the “Lungs of the Planet”, Amazon rainforest, also known as Amazonia produces about 20% of the earth’s oxygen. Made up of mosaic of ecosystems and vegetation types, this rainforest is the most dominant and bio-actively diverse natural phenomenon on the planet. This ecosystem is teeming with life and is a home for a number species than any other ecosystem in the world. In it is the world’s largest river in the world known as Amazon River rushing into the Atlantic Ocean.

Halong Bay, Vietnam. Search Expedia for deals on hotel accommodations and book your trip to this wonderful place, which is also only a few a few hours away from Hanoi. Featuring thousands of limestone karsts and land masses in different sizes forms, this popular travel destination is very famous for its scenic ocean topography. With a very distinct name interpreted as “Bay of Descending Dragons”, this unique UNESCO world heritage site takes days for travelers to explore as its attractions are tremendously many to be numbered. Three thousand and counting, incredible islands rise from the majestic waters. Not only will you be filled with the breathtaking beauty Halong Bay can offer, you will also be overly impressed of the caves and the species you’ll see in the coasts.

JeJu Island. A volcanic island in the southwest of the Korean Peninsula, this place is famous for its unusually-shaped black rocks. Also known as the “Island of Gods”, this popular vacation spot is truly a top destination for newlyweds.  Great panoramic scenes of sunsets and sunrise are perfectly captured in this island.

Komodo Island, Indonesia. A home of the largest living lizard, Komodo, this place is known to be a home of convicts long time ago. Great diving spots with untouched coral reefs and big fishes will make your visit extremely magnificent.

Puerto Prinsesa Underground River. Philippines prides itself with this subterranean national park. Surrounded with virgin forests, the river goes along a spectacular cave that empties into the South China Sea. Divinely sculpted, the cave forms magnificent stalactites and stalagmites that are too good to be true.

Table Mountain, South Africa. Enchanting and truly majestic, this view is indeed an icon of natural wonder. Getting into the top it will surely melt your heart as the overlooking scene of the place is unfolded right before your eyes.